UT Tennis Club FAQs

What are your hours? How can I contact The UT Tennis Club?

We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday, 8am-6pm.
Give us a call at (512) 291-7474.

Does the UT Tennis Club have junior programs?

Yes, the UTTC has a strong commitment to junior tennis. We have programming for all ages and levels, from Quickstart beginners to Super Champ level programs. Our staff has the experience in junior development to help the players improve each and every time they are on the court.

Is there be a court fee for indoor court time?

Yes. Indoor tennis comes with a large operating cost, and we will have an indoor court fee consistent with the industry average to offset some of these costs. Court times will be for 90 minutes, and the fee can be spread out over all that participate.

Do the University of Texas teams compete at the UTTC?

Yes. The UTTC is the official indoor home of the varsity teams at UT, and it's always a great event for all members when the horns play a match here at the club. The UT teams also use the facility for training during inclement weather or when they need to prepare for an indoor event. The UT teams have their main facility (Penick-Allison) near campus, and the vast majority of their practices and competitions are there.

Can I bring a guest to the UTTC?

Guests are welcome at the UTTC as long as they are accompanied by a member. Guests fees apply.

Will ladies league teams be able to play out of UTTC?

Yes. We have had a great deal of interest in this department from the members that have already joined the club. Ladies league tennis will be a big part of our club, and we look forward to their participation at the UTTC.